Monday, July 30, 2007


Wow. As my title clearly states. I haven't posted anything recently.

Anyhoo, a few things:
  1. Ian needs to stop staring at me
  2. Jonathan should not miss his bus when he comes back to swimming after camp
  3. Snape is still evil, no matter how good he was to Dumbledore
  4. Daniel Radcliffe is hott, no matter how ugly his hair was this year
  5. Harry Potter rocks. Duh.
  6. Fanfiction-dom lives!!! Woohoo!!!
  7. Boys Like Girls is an awesome band. And Cascada is really good too. Music=good.
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio is H.O.T.T. Double T. He deserves it.
I'm so not bothering with making a list of 10 things. Time wasting, you know? Besides, I'm really supposed to be packing... Got a vacation planned!!! And I'm leaving in a few days... Yeah, you know what, I'm definitely gonna go pack.



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