Monday, July 23, 2007

Bored Half to Death

Yeah, okay, I'm only writing this cuz I'm WAY WAY WAY bored... you know what? I think I'll experiment with random fonts.

Arial. This font has been around since, like, ever.

Courier. Ew. It's like typewriter. I have a thing against typewriters.

Georgia. This is hot. Wait, this is what I was originally using! I think... Yeah, cuz the "..." is the same! Sweet...

Lucida Grande. What a weird name.

Times. Again, it's been around since before the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Were there even computers back then?

Trebuchet!!! This was my favorite font in 6th grade. Or was it 5th grade?

Verdana. This font is cool, except for the minor drawback that it's kinda big.

I'm not gonna bother with Webdings. I bet it won't show up.

By the way, I switched back to Arial.


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