Thursday, October 4, 2007

Okey Dokey.

So I haven't posted in a long time. Like, a really long time. Anyways...
  1. High school. I had a shadow today and it was nice. The school was cool, teachers were funny, and the people were nice too. I also saw Grace, Schuyler, Jack, Trey, Yuma, and Derrick while I was there shadowing with Bree. And I shadowed at another school a few weeks ago (like 2 weeks maybe) where I saw Mica, Sarah, Lizzie, Nathan (Theresa... FOSTER FATHER!), and Natalie! AND Natalie hugged me. SHE saw ME, not the other way around. I kept hoping I'd bump into her, and then she found me! YAY!!!
  2. Geometry. Natalie's brother Peter is my geometry partner, or pencil buddy as he puts it, since he's always borrowing my pencil. He's so easily amused by my shaky pencil (a pencil you shake so the lead will come out)...
  3. Peter. Yep, he gets his own little category. He's still so unfairly hott, it's not even funny. The only problem with him is that he's a little bit too short for me. But just by like an inch or two! UGH! And I think he kinda likes me, cuz during Geometry, he keeps touching my arm, poking me (yeah, not so romantic...), or touching my leg with his leg (I know, that sounds wrong, but I'm just relaying the facts to you), or stuff like that. And whenever he talks to me, he always looks straight in my eyes... It's so HOTT. And he's applying for the same high schools as me! Well, not MY school, cuz he's a guy, but my-school-people, you know what I'm talking about. And he's also applying for a school that I'm not, so I really hope he's not gonna go there.
  4. Sports. Cross country: we won two meets and got second at the other. 1st: 2nd place, 2nd/3rd: 1st place! The 6th graders are so fast, like seriously crazy fast. GAH! They're even faster than Emma and Sara!!! But they're good, and cool, and they run fast :)
Okey dokey. I think I'm done for now. *sigh* Peter... I really hope Phia doesn't read this... I just won't tell her to look at my blog for a while until this post goes into "Older Posts" but that's gonna take a while... Oh well. Theresa (and whoever else from school that reads this), DON'T TELL SOPHIA! She'll kill me for saying that I think Peter likes me, even though she knows it as well. I just don't wanna hear her accuse me of "stealing her man" again... UGH. I am not coveting him, he is coveting me. But yeah. (He is really hott though... And it's not my fault that she didn't have the guts to ask him to dance and I did. Which is probably why he's even more in love with me now...) We could be like high school sweethearts, except (if we don't go to the same high school, which I hope won't happen) we'll be 8th grade sweethearts for now.

That's all for a while. I'll update when I get a chance. Maybe sometime soon again over the 4 day weekend we have.


P.S. Did any of you readers notice that Peter's section is the longest out of all of them?

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