Saturday, September 15, 2007


I'm changing my font first.

Now. I mean, so. We had a soccer game today, and we won, 4-0. And Matt (coach) made me play stupid freakin' buttfaced goalie! Argh! But I saved a goal, so whatever. At least he moved me back up to defense for a while afterwards... (I was put in midfield for the end part of the game. Not the second half, just the last 20 minutes or so.)

We had dress uniform again on Thursday. It was not fun. Tuesday was picture day, so dress uniform. And I think we have dress uniform again, next Tuesday. GAH! WHY DO WE HAVE TO KEEP WEARING DRESS UNIFORM THESE DAYS??? Well, at least we're wearing Oxford shirts and not turtlenecks like we had to in 7th grade. So blah.

I realized I hadn't updated in a while, so here I am. But I don't have much to say. I'm pretty tired and I need to sleep so I have energy to do my homework tomorrow. Ugh.



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