Wednesday, August 1, 2007


The title states it all. I'm going on vacation!!! Like a vacation within a vacation. Because summer is kinda like a vacation...

Anyhoo, I'm going to Taiwan, where my air has been polluted by Cameron/Ca-moron. But at least I don't have it as bad as my poor friend Jocelyn, who unfortunately not only has to breathe the polluted air at the pool, she also swim in the polluted water.

Luckily for her (and me, I guess, in some odd way) Ian is in Maine (or Boston) so she won't have to swim in his water. Honestly, when I have to swim with him... My tongue literally hurts from his polluting the water.

OMG funny story:

So there was this one time a few months ago. We all used to call which lane we were gonna swim in, and Jocelyn and I called lane 2. Afterward, we went to go change and when we came out, Ian and Cameron/Ca-moron were in our lane, so we went to the other side of the pool and swam in lane 5 instead.

This girl (I forget who, was it Liz?) (or Doris) asked us why we weren't swimming in our lane. (Yeah! It was Doris!) Jocelyn and I looked at her, and then meaningfully at Ian and Cameron/Ca-moron. She understood. Kinda. And then I said,

"Our lane has been polluted."

Everyone cracked up. But Ian heard. But oh well. He already knows I don't like him. I don't HATE him, I just don't like him. But I do HATE when he continually stares at me. Honestly. Just go away. Find someone else to stare at. Like your girlfriend. Janet, I think her name was. She's at least "interested" in you, unlike me. Gosh.

Anyhoo, end of story!

Yeah, so, I'll still have Internet, but I won't be posting as often. I think. I'll probably be writing and reading more.



P.S. Sorry Jocelyn for leaving you all alone... With the polluted water and such. Hope you and Tulia make some strong friendship bonds like ours while I'm away. I miss you already!!! And I'm not even at the AIRPORT!!! I'm still sitting at home...

Well, bye for real!!!


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