Friday, August 24, 2007

Swim Meet

My job: to make a random decision to change font. Your job: deal with it. (Ha ha like the song by Corbin Bleu!!!)

Anyhoo, swim meets... We have a swim meet coming up, but I am facing a dilemma. A Hobson's Choice, as some people who have read A Series of Unfortunate Events might call it.

I don't wanna go, especially because I won't be getting like ANY training for it, since I'll be doing cross-country and soccer (which I'm taking up again after like... 4 years) and my schedule will be so full that I have no swimming time. Because my schedule will probably go something like this:

Monday: cross-country practice
Tuesday: cross-country practice or meet
Wednesday: soccer practice, possible cross-country meet
Thursday: piano, or cross-country practice if my teacher can't make it
Friday: cross-country
Saturday: soccer game

(Yes, I know, cross-country actually takes a TON of work. Running long distance, over hills and into valleys, your legs NEED to be trained up, and ready to roll.)

Which leaves only Sunday. But we have no swim practice on Sunday (nor would I want to go on a perfectly good Sunday) so I would have absolutely no time for swimming.

My swim meet is on a Saturday/Sunday. And I have another few problems, after my busy schedule.

One problem: I'll probably have a soccer game on Saturday, and on Sunday, I'll be dead beat. Running around, kicking a ball, defending my goal with the goalie, it's a hard job being a sweeper or part of the defense line.

Second problem: My coach said to us on Wednesday that if we don't do our three events at this meet, then we have to swim EVERY event on EVERY day of the meet. Well, I'm not sure about the Friday one... but who cares right now? (I really should.)

Third problem: My meet sheet thing (that slip of paper where you say which events you're gonna do) is due TODAY. And my parents don't seem to really care. No, actually, it's not that they don't care, just that they have other more pressing matters. But this is kinda important.

Seriously. How am I supposed to tell my parents that A) I don't want to go to this meet, but B) if I don't go, however, my coach will murder me? And they won't understand either. They never went to swim meets before, nor did they have an evil torturing coach who loves to kill his swim kids during practice. Oh sure, they've been to my swim meets. But you know, coach/parent, adult/adult, they get along perfectly well. So I have no one on my side in this argument!

So my Hobson's Choice: I can either A) go to this meet with no previous training in the weeks before, die, and get yelled at by my coach for getting a ridiculously slow time, or B) not go to this meet without prior training, run cross-country as usual, play soccer, and die at the next meet where my coach will force me to swim every event on every day.

Yes, I know. My life sucks at this point. I should never have gone to the pool Wednesday. I KNEW I should have just gone today instead since I already HAVE TO (teaching all the little Learn-to-Swim kids), but NO, my parents were like, "You've already missed so much swimming, so you're going to the pool today."

And guess what? First day back, and I'm so dead. I'm serious. I went for like so long with no swimming whatsoever, and then, look what happens: I almost died during the WARM UP. That's so not right. But whatever.

And I need to deal with this problem before 4:00 PM. And this is so not gonna happen.

Ugh. PotterLover is not happy. Not happy at all.

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undescript bystander said...

ok this has nothing to do with your post but whatever. i just read your profile because i was searching for other people on blogger who also liked fall out boy and i saw that your user name is potter lover and i am a total hp OBSESSOR so when i read on your profile that you also liked avril lavigne and that you are even more obsessed with hp than even me i had to leave a comment on your blog, but there were three so i chose this one because a) it was the top one and b) it was the one that was most related to harry potter which seems to be a common ground. but hey i am prolly scaring you because there is no way you have ANY idea who the hell i am. sorry.