Friday, August 17, 2007

Almost Over

So this kinda sucks. And it kinda doesn't. My vacation in Taiwan is almost over. My plane leaves tomorrow.
Pros: No more mosquitoes/mosquito bites/other creepy insects!!!
Cons: Oh shoot, I forgot... Oh yeah! No more intensely good food. Seriously. Taiwan has some of the best food everrrrr.

Another thing that's almost over is summer vacation. Again:
Pros: Publications!!! I'm the awesome News Editor of the newspaper!!! And one of my best friends, Jaclyn, is my partner, the Features Editor!!!
Cons: No more sleeping in... Oh well. It's not like I sleep in incredibly late anyways.

Ew. I have to report this.

So yesterday, my aunt/uncle took me/my family/my cousin (their kid) to stay at some wooden house in some random forest on some strange mountain. We ate dinner at some outdoor restaurant and I picked up some veggies (which I no longer like anymore) from the plate and put it in my bowl. And guess what I found?


Honestly. I screamed quietly. Just so I wouldn't disturb the other customers. UGH! It was so disgusting. And it was even worse cuz I have, like, an extremely severe case of insectophobia and there was an INSECT in my FOOD. Kinda scary, you know, especially for an insectophobic.

Okay. I can't talk about this now. I am SO going to sleep.

It's midnight here cuz I'm not back home. Don't get your time zones confused.


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