Saturday, November 3, 2007


Wow. I haven't posted in a long time. Well. SSATs. I took them today at school with my friends, and though they aren't TOO hard, they aren't EASY. The SATs are better. WAY better. And way easier too. Even though SATs are supposed to be for high school students going into college. But whatever.

Anyways. Yeah, I know, the SSAT paragraph was super short. But I have a ton of other things to say!

First off: Soccer. We lost our last match 4-0 against the (evil) Dutch Tulips who are still really good since the last time I played them (a few years ago), and we had to forfeit our game today cuz not enough players showed up, including me, Becky, and Aggie. And then Maggie supposedly can't make it either. And Mina is in China. And 3 people already quit. So we have like no players. BUT, Becky, Aggie, and I have a valid reason. SSATs.

Second: Cross country. Two of our best runners got severe dehydration or heat stroke or SOMETHING, so they ran half the course and almost died, so we only got 4th place this year... But I'm sure the 6th graders will improve more over the years and win 1st place without us... *sigh*

Third: Geometry. We changed table groups after we got our tests back (full scores on both!) but Peter and I are still together :) It's like the teachers acknowledge the fact that we work well together as a duo or something. And we do. We totally powered ahead yesterday, and at the end of class when we discussed Conjecture 21 as a class, we had already gotten to Conjecture 25! Go us!!!

Fourth: Halloween dance. We had the school Halloween dance on Wednesday and my friend requested the DJ to do a snowball, and he did. While Peter didn't ask me to dance (even though he now owes me two dances), I still got snowballed! By Patrick, who is equally awesome, though not in looks. But OMG I never realized how tall he is!!! I had to reach so high just to be able to dance with him! Oh well. At least I WAS snowballed, unlike Becky... And Aggie... And maybe Jaki... And I almost asked Dennis but then Lauren stole him away. But whatever. Yay Patrick!

Fifth (this is the last one, I think): I have a new AIM buddy icon!!! It says "Edward Cullen. Sexier than you. Since 1901." Only a Twilight series fan would understand, so if you're not, you have two choices:
A. Read the Twilight series and understand how awesome it is and don't steal Edward from me.
B. Just don't bother trying to understand.

Okey. Done. Gotta go. Lunch. Bye!!!



Anonymous said...

There we go! You no longer suck. So yeah, here I am writing on your blog like you told me to...Yup

only love, Wild

The Fangirl said...



Anonymous said...

I know this post was from ages ago... But Ima still comment. Uhh. I've been doing my practice SSATs D: I'm grade 8 - 9, btw. *Shudders*, I don't like it :D. That's all I got to say.

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